Mother checking childs head for lice with a comb

Step 1

With our all natural treatment, we rid your hair of lice with a complete comb through by one our trained staff member. This treatment will kill and remove all the living lice.

Head lice treatment

Step 2

With all the adult lice out of the way, now we track down the nits. Nits are egg sacks and, to the untrained eye, very hard to detect.

Nurse talking to mother and daughter

Step 3

Lice may come back due to hair to hair contact in school, among other reasons. We will teach you how to prevent lice from coming back. Products will be available when we arrive.

Treatment Costs


Check/ inspection $19
We will inspect the head before going into treatment. If we find that you have lice, we apply the $20 towards your treatment, if we don’t find anything, you just pay $20.


Basic Treatment $99.99
If an extreme case, extra charges may apply. We find that you have lice. Most cases you will only spend $100, before we begin we will give you a quote for extreme cases. We will then set up our station and begin on removing lice and nits from head.


Extra Treatment $179.99
This will include Mr. Lice Guy repellant spray, to keep the lice away. A follow up appointment for extra assurance. A donation of $20 to Broward County Schools, to help pay for treatments for students in need.

Staff says Hello

  • Ted


    All natural is the way to go. Our solution will rid your hair of head lice and nits, all for an affordable cost.

  • Nadine

    Lice Engineer

    My staff will provide the best service. From getting those little creatures out of your head, to informing you how to keep them out.


Amazing, they took care of my two daughters as if they were their own. If they get lice again next year, I will be giving them a call.

Christian Hernandez