Mother checking childs head for lice with a comb

1st Step

We check the head to see if lice is the cause of your itch. If we see lice, our caregivers will get prepped for treatment. We use organic lice removal solution, that is spread through your hair, which removes live lice from your hair and scalp.

Head lice treatment

2nd Step

Eggs sacks may be present. Our caregivers will remove these nits, which are difficult to distinguish for an untrained professional. Nits need the warmth of your head to survive.

Nurse talking to mother and daughter

3rd Step

The treatment will rid of your itch. Our staff will also go over some tips on how to keep your home lice free, with organic products available if needed.



Before we begin $20
Want to make sure that lice is the cause of that itch? We will check to make sure you have lice in your head, if you do, the $20 will be used towards treatment.


We found lice $100 treatment
Extra cost for some cases. Our staff will use our all natural lice removal solution through out your head, ridding you of that itch. A set price will be given, before we begin, as some cases may be more severe then others.


$180 package
This includes $100 treatment, 1 x bottle of Mr. Lice Guy all natural repellant, follow up treatment in a week and a donation to local public schools, for future treatment.

The Crew

  • Ted L. III


    Having lice maybe very uncomfortable, but our staff will help keep your head lice free. No chemicals, no pesticides.

  • Nadine


    We will wake you up from that nightmare of an itchy head. Broward County Approved Volunteer, you could trust in us.

Parent Certified

I had to leave work early to pick up my son from daycare. I liked the name, so i tried them out. Came out the same day, and had my son lice free. Great service.

Ivan Pregonda