Mother checking childs head for lice with a comb

Move 1

An organic and natural lice product will be combed through your hair by one of our trained technicians. When product is applied, the lice will not have a surface to hold on to, allowing us to rid your hair of live lice.

Head lice treatment

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Nits are the egg sacks of lice, and are hard to spot with an untrained eye. We will find, and rid your hair of those nasty little nits.

Nurse talking to mother and daughter

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Even though it is a relief to get those insects off your head, there are still preventive measures to take. Our staff will go over products, and how they properly use them, to keep lice from coming back.

How Much Does It Cost?


Lice Check $20
It is common for family members to spread lice. If we find that there in fact lice, the $20 will go towards the removal treatment.


Lice Treatment $99
Some extreme cases may be extra. Includes a full hair treatment, ridding your hair of lice and nits. If found to be an extreme case, we will quote you before starting, so there are no surprises.


Lice Treatment Plus $180
This includes a follow up appointment, an 8 oz bottle of our all natural Mr. Lice Guy lice repellant and a $20 donation to Broward Schools for students in need.

Key Members

  • Ed Long

    Owner/ founder

    Lice can be a very uncomfortable experience to deal with. Trust in Mr. Lice Guy to rid your hair of lice, and provide information to keep them off.

  • Nadine

    Head Technician

    Our Staff takes pride in offering the best service. As approved volunteers for schools through Broward County, you could be assured you’re in good hands.


I was at work and received a call from the daycare saying, “Your daughter has lice.” I didn’t know what to do. I went online and called Mr. Lice Guys. They showed up that same night and was able to get my daughter lice free, and back to daycare the next day.

Ana Rosas, Happy Parent