Mother checking childs head for lice with a comb

Step 1

The hair is combed thoroughly by one of our trained professionals. We do not use Pesticides to rid your head of lice, but with an organic and natural solution. When applied and combed correctly, this will rid your head of lice, killing them in the process.

Head lice treatment

Step 2

Once the live lice are removed from your head, our trained professionals will rid hair of lice egg sacks (nits), which could be missed to the untrained eye.

Nurse talking to mother and daughter

Step 3

During the process, our trained professionals will give you helpful tips to keep lice off of your head. Products will be available, and our staff will show you how to properly use them, to keep lice away

What We Offer


Check Head for Lice $20
Are you scratching your head because of the hard math question, or a creepy little crawly? Let us check, if we find that you need a treatment, we will use the $20 towards that.


Basic Treatment $100
Longer hair may be extra. A quote will be given after head check, so no surprises. We will leave you lice and nit free, guaranteed.


Advanced Treatment $180
This includes a follow up appointment a week after your treatment, a 8 oz bottle of Mr. Lice Guy all natural lice repellant and a $20 coupon will be donated to Broward Schools to assist families who can’t pay for treatment.

work team

  • Edward

    Managing Director

    Using an organic and natural solution is a no brainer. Our formula will leave you feeling free of lice in a single visit.

  • Nadine


    I am an approved volunteer for Broward County Schools, and a person you could trust. I will help educate your family on how to keep lice out of your hair.


I had children with Lice, and I tried to do it myself, but they kept coming back. My niece got lice from daycare, and decided to have a professional do it. Mr. Lice Guys staff was friendly and informative. I didn’t have to do it myself, and no lice returned.

Laura Penton, Deerfield Beach, FL