Mother checking childs head for lice with a comb

Number 1

One of our staff members will carefully go through your hair, using an all organic and natural head louse removal solution. The lice will not be able to have a strong hold of your hair, helping rid your hair of lice

Head lice treatment

Number 2

Lice can lay up to 6 eggs, called nits, at a time. Very hard to spot if you are untrained. Our trained staff will look through your hair to find the eggs, before they become an issue.

Nurse talking to mother and daughter

Number 3

We will help you safeguard your families head from lice. Our staff will go over tips, and will have products available if you want to make sure they don’t come back.

What does it cost me?


Head Screening $20
You just hugged your niece and you think you have lice. Have us check it out, if no lice are found its $20. If lice are found the $20 will be applied to other options


Lice Removal $100
Extra charge depending on case. No more Itching, just relief. A quote is provided before working on your hair, giving you all upfront cost, upfront.


Lice Removal Plus $180
Lice Removal with an 8 oz all natural repellant spray, a follow up appointment for the following week, and a donation that goes towards kids in need, that can’t pay for this treatment in Broward County ($20 donation).

In Charge

  • Ted III


    Tested and trusted all organic lice removal solution. Mr. Lice Guy is your one visit solution for ridding your head of lice. Broward Public Schools approved volunteer.

  • Nadine GG

    Operations Supervisor

    Itching your head because of insects is bad enough, let me help get rid of that “ew,” feeling. With my staff, and knowledge, we can assure Mr. Lice Guy will keep you satisfied.

What did you Think

Simply put, awesome. Made my day way easier.

Devon Mitchell