Mother checking childs head for lice with a comb


The creepy little insect is killed using our all organic lice removal solution. Our trained staff combs out the creatures that our attached to your hair. No pesticides.

Head lice treatment


We want to make sure they don’t come back. Getting rid of the eggs that are waiting to hatch are equally important and the reason they are so hard to get rid of. Our trained staff will seek and destroy, which is difficult to do without a trained specialist.

Nurse talking to mother and daughter


We help your family understand the facts about head lice. We have products available, to keep those creatures away from your head.



Inspection $20
A trained professional will look through your hair to make sure that itch you feel, is in fact lice. If we don’t find anything it is only $20, if we do the $20 is credited towards the treatment.


Organic Extermination $100
Extra charge for extreme cases. We will apply Mr. Lice Guy solution throughout your hair, combing out the adult lice and nits.


Treatment and follow up $180
This includes a follow up appointment for a head check, our lice repellent and a donation of $20 to Broward County Schools to help a child in need of treatment.

Staff says Hello

  • Edward III


    Simple and natural, that is what we strive for. Mr. Lice Guy developed a formula that works, and kill lice.

  • Nadine G.

    Operations Supervisor

    Lice are not uncommon; a lot of people go through the anxiety. Let us help you get through this. Our staff provides exceptional expertise and service.


My son came home from school with head lice. Called Mr. Lice Guy, they came the same day. They were here for about an hour, bought and tried the repel spray. So far so good.

Clint Woods