Mother checking childs head for lice with a comb

Step 1

We completely comb through the hair in a way that makes it impossible for the lice to hide from our caregivers. During this process we apply an all organic and natural lice removal product throughout the hair. This application will kill and remove all of the live lice.

Head lice treatment

Step 2

We will rid the hair of all those tiny little nits (egg sacks) that are attached to the hair. This is the part that takes the most experience and training. Without the proper training, the lice keep coming back. Nits can be nearly impossible to see with the untrained eye.

Nurse talking to mother and daughter

Step 3

The most important part. We teach you how to go home and safegaurd against it happening again. We have assorted natural lice repellant products that can ensure you and your home are treated properly.

Our services


Simple head check $20
Is your head itching but you can't decide if it's lice or if your just getting paranoid? Come in and have us check it out. If it turns out you have lice we will credit the $20 towards the treatment.


Full Service Treatment $100
No Surprises, we give you a 100% accurate quote before we start.You will leave our Salon with a feeling of confidence that you are free of lice and nits, guaranteed.


Full Service Plus $180
Full Service plus an 8 oz bottle of all natural lice repellant. 1 week follow up treatment is included. A $20 coupon will be donated to Broward Schools to help families who need assistance paying for treatment.

work team

  • Edward


    We perfected an all organic and natural, single visit solution. You can trust in Mr Lice Guy.

  • Nadine

    General Manager

    I'll make sure our staff takes great care of you and to help educate the family to prevent future breakouts.


My home has 4 girls and when we found out one had lice, it was an instant feeling of panic. I didn't know who to call and I would never want a stanger in my house with just me and the kids. I just feel safer at Mr. Nice Guys, it really made me feel better knowing the staff are approved volunteers in our school district. Everyone was great and they even supplied tablets and WiFi while we were being treated.

Alana O'connor, Plantation, FL